''Janeck's depth of understanding of the human body accompanies his holistic approach to wellness. He has a wealth of knowledge to offer each individual regarding their specific needs. I have walked into his care with incredible tensions, discomfort and an inability to relax. I walked out feeling relaxed in my own body again, with regained flexibility of movement, tensions drained from my muscles and a calmcentre. Janeck's gift truly aid one's healing process. Many Thanks!


Stephanie C.

Bishop's University




''The massages are high quality. I’m always satisfied and happy to receive a massage with both depth and softness. Janeck can bring both relaxation and regeneration, but will also undo the tensions that you’ve had for a long time, or tensions I’ve accumulated from postures I have when working. His approach in osteopathy is also a precious asset. He is already very intuitive, yet with this attention and specific manipulations, he helps my body to « reprogram » relaxation, flexibility and space necessary for a particular movement. I am very grateful! Thanks Janeck!''



Professional musician



''I was seeing my active life as a woodworker go down the drain, as I was suffering from acute tendinitis. Gradually, through Janeck’s help and professionalism, I have regained strength, mobility and a better quality of life without constant pain. Thanks for your wonderful care!''


Denis Leblanc




"Following a athletic injury, I needed to go to several professionals to treat my neck pain. Janeck stands out with his personalized and relaxing approach, with a wide range of expertise. His treatments bring me relief and I would recommend them without hesitation."







''After suffering for a number of months with sciatic nerve,Janeck has been a day of hope on my horizon. His treatments in deep tissue has a very relaxing effect. The treatments have not only relaxed the sciatic nerve, but has also relaxed and treated other chronic problems I have suffered with for over 30 years. Thank You Janeck.''


Barbara P.






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